Munawaruz Zaman - Legends of Hockey
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Diminutive in size, Munawar perhaps was technically the greatest of left-backs that Pakistan has ever produced.

Small of size, not for him unnecessary show of power, he just could not afford it. Hence, precision was the name of the game for him.



The first and perhaps the only full-back to sport the Pakistan as a raw youth that he forced his way into the 71 World Cup squad.

Destiny then ensured that this gentlest of giants become an unlikely hero in his first outing in the inaugural global even. Tanvir Dar had a recurrence of his famous knee injury, and Pakistan having barely scraped through into the semis, had no option but to call on Munawar to hold the fort against India. Munawar not only did that with aplomb, he also scored the odd goal in three with angular shot corner that sealed the victory. 

Munawar uz Zaman
Munawar uz Zaman


Munawar died young, from a stroke immediately after a practice game while preparing for the 94's Veterans World Cup at Karachi. His many admirers mourned not only his death but also that fate had deprived Pakistan hockey of benefiting from this fount of hockey knowledge.

Since Muanwar was the only outstanding player of his era whose services had gone unacknowledged by the State, the PHF took up the issue of rewarding him posthumously with a President's Pride of Performance Award, which his widow received in his behalf in 1998.