Manzoorul Hasan - Legends of Hockey
Written by PHF   

Manzoorul Hassan was a big a name in Pakistan’s defense as was Hassan sardar up front .At right back Manzoor, although ever the gentleman, was the most difficult to beat in deep defense.

Perhaps the greatest tribute paid to Manzoor came from one who knew what he was up against India's mercurial forward Zafar Iqbal .Zafar once said that of all defenders the one he found most difficult to beat was Manzoor.


Amongst the full-backs, the Manzoorul Hasan Munawwaruz Zaman combination was one of the most outstanding that this country has produced.

Manzoor used to play in a position which for other backs would be considered a bit further back, but he was very reliable, and a wonderful tackler too.

Throughout the '82 world cup, he played an outstanding game to hold the Pakistan defense together. He had no mean part in any opposition scoring as many as three goals in that world cup against Pakistan, a tribute to this doughty defender. 


More importantly, he was the first star to have come out of Gojra, the small town in Faisalabad Division, and has inspired a whole generation of players who have followed in his footsteps in to the national team.
He had a few stints with the Pakistan team as coach in the early '90s too, which ended with the Pakistan taking the silver at the Lahore world cup . Perhaps the saddest part of his own self serving motives, Shahbaz Senior made him the target for revolt prior to the '96 Olympics.

Manzoor resigned, treating the whole event and the people involved in it with the contempt that they deserved. Later, he was brought back for further service as selector and as coach for brief stints