Abida Parveen - Abida on the rebound
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 It was love and mystical magic that continued unabated throughout the show with a state-of-the-art stage and sound system, a fitting backdrop and above all, a cultured crowd.

 Abida Parveen tem¬porarily stopped per¬forming while undergo¬ing medical treatment in 2010. On resuming singing, she chose to begin with Karachi when the province was also celebrating the Sindhi topi and ajrak day.

An hour before the show, there was no place to move around given the huge turnout as sufi music with its rich mystical flavour along with Abida's powerhouse vocals created an idyllic ambi¬ence for the perfect night out.

Unlike classical that is on siege from popular and increasing commercialism, sufi and folk music still retains its distinctive appeal in native trajectories.

Clad in her trademark loose full-sleeved light purple kurta with an ajrak draped over her shoulders,    Abida Parveen thanked the audience for a warm welcome. With Munn Kunto Maula, she opened the first round of her performance and displayed virtuosity as a singer and retained the intrinsic diversity of the kalaam. Yar Ko Hum Nay Ja-baja Dekha received huge applause as over the years it has become the most requested kalaam by her listeners. The next feisty    rendition, Makam-i-Ghum, left the audience in high spirits.

Besides its rich cultural heritage,    tombs, shrines, the Indus Valley civilisation, unique flora and fauna, the phenomena that earns Sindh global recognition is Abida Parveen. She is the recipient of prestigious awards such as the Sachal Sarmast Gold Medal, Shah Abdul Latif, Qalander Lal Shahbaz Award, Sindh Graduate Association Award, President's Pride of Performance Award (1982) and the Sitara-i-Imtiaz (2005).

These are just a few of Abida's achievements who has performed at the shrines of the sufi saints and at the world's greatest venues. The repertoire of composi¬tions that she rendered in her performance were from her albums namely Tere Ishq Nachaya,Visal, Ishq, Ho Jamalo, Raqse Bismil, Songs of the Mystic and more. After a short break, Dam Dam Ya Ali Haider, a tribute to Hazar Ameer Khusro with Chaap Tilak Sub Cheen and Kahain Sost Se Dost ki Baat took things to the next level. Her rendition Are Logo Tumhara Kya, Mein Janoon Mera Khuda Jaane aroused the crowd to a spiritual high. With Yaar de Gharoli, and Lal Meri Pat Abida struck the right chord and left everyone spellbound.

At a time when improvisation for many musicians is like playing with the intricacy of beats, Abida seems to have given it a new meaning by introducing improvised variations in her renditions.

She introduced gentle and high rhythmic strokes with amazing vocal modulations to invigor¬ate the soothing effect, and the audience loved it.

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Halfway through the night Abida showed no sign of slowing down and came with the penultimate kalaam of the evening. Mein Naray-i-Mastana where her convincing and gift¬ed artistry chimed into her fervent and elo¬quent singing giving the rendition an exceptional soulful experience for all. Ho Jamalo gave new dynamics to her rendition in a way that didn't loose its pro¬nounced sentimental quality and soulful feel, ending the night on an incredible high note.

It was a night one will find hard to forget, and the credit for bringing Abida back to her fand goes to Royal Rodale Club and Studio Maxx Presentations.

By Asif Khan

from Dawn.com ( Images Nov 27,2011 )

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