Waqar Younis - Most lethal bowler in cricket today
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With the arguable exception of Shane Wame' flipper, Waqar's inswinging yorker is the game's most lethal weapon, The Sunday Times Wrote today.

Headlined 'Waqar's bolt from the red' half a page -write-up dilates on Waqar's bowling technique which has perfected ro become the most lethal bowler in cricket. Sir Garfield Sobers believes the answer is to take guard outside the crease and intercept the ball before it deviates.

Recalling the ball-tampering allegations that surfaced against him in the 1992 series in England, the article gives account how super slow motion TV replays of his action later gave a lie to these allegations and Waqar, who demolished the England batting line-up in the first Test at Lord's of the current series, says the write-up, would be even more formidable opponent in the third Test side Oval, the scene of his two highly successful seasons with Surrey.

On Waqar's technique it says that at barely six feet tall Waqar is hardly in the same mold as Courtney Walsh and Curtly Ambrose who deliver from a height of nearly 10 feet, banging the ball into the pitch and looking for movement off the seam.

With Waqar's slightly round-arm action the ball is released in a lower flatter plane but it stays in the air longer, giving it every opportunity to swing late.




"Waqar produces his Tremendous speed through upper-body strength and a remarkable contortion of his left leg which some experts feel might give him severe hip problems later in life. No one has suggested that Waqar invented the yorker, he has merely perfected it.

He has done so by harnessing his pace to the phenomenon of reverse swing, developed by quick bowlers on the subcontinent over the past 30 years. Given hard, bare pitches and rough uneven outfileds, they have abandoned the tradition of achieving swing by polishing one side of the ball to create an uneven air-flow past the seam. Instead they welcome the deterioration in the leather cover of the ball and, and once it is sufficiently damaged, apply sweat and spit on one side so that It is unevenly weighted — it is the science of bias as deployed on the bowling green since the days of Drake.

It is the downward drag cussed by the extra weight on one side of the ball that creates the movement. While a succession of Pakistani pacemen have used the technique, starring with Sarfraz Nawaz, and passing through Imran, none had refined it to the same extent.

If Waqar were to bowl slower, the ball would drag down too early and give the batsman an opportunity to adjust his shot. Were he bowl faster, the ball would not start its lethal movement until after it had passed the stumps. He had discovered the happy medium.

Those jealous of his powers have accused Waqar of ball-tampering, using his fingernails to accelerate the deterioration of the leather, and after the media furore of 1992 the International Cricket Council (ICC ) ordered umpires to inspect the ball at the end of each over. Nothing has ever been proved despite the intrusion of the cameraman's long lens and slow-motion replays.
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Waqar claims that he could make an orange swing without interfering with die peel. Given the number of "Jafas" he has already produced this summer, even with the ICC directives in place, there are few grounds left for argument.

The write-up also recalls how exceptional skills of Waqar were Spotted by Imran Khan when he turned up at Pakistan net session in late 1980s when his toe-crushing yorkers, even then, troubled established batsmen.

Soon after he arrived to play for Surrey, a new word, "Waqared" entered the tabloid lexicon. By the 1992 Test series in England the only possible explanation, according to some, was the cruel and never proven allega¬tion of ball-tampering, However the critics did not have access to the super-slow-motion TV replays which now allow a complete investigation of Waqar's astonishing technique-APP

Major teams Pakistan, Glamorgan, Karachi, Lahore, Multan, National Bank of Pakistan, Rawalpindi, Redco Pakistan Ltd, Surrey, United Bank Limited

Batting style Right-hand bat

Bowling style Right-arm fast


Batting and fielding averages

Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave BF SR 100 50 4s 6s Ct St
Tests 87 120 21 1010 45 10.20 2106 47.95 0 0 133 16 18 0
ODIs 262 139 45 969 37 10.30 1445 67.05 0 0 58 21 35 0
First-class 228 283 61 2972 64 13.38     0 6     58 0
List A 411 215 66 1553 45 10.42     0 0     56 0
Twenty20 7 3 2 6 6 6.00 5 120.00 0 0 1 0 1 0
Bowling averages

Mat Inns Balls Runs Wkts BBI BBM Ave Econ SR 4w 5w 10
Tests 87 154 16224 8788 373 7/76 13/135 23.56 3.25 43.4 28 22 5
ODIs 262 258 12698 9919 416 7/36 7/36 23.84 4.68 30.5 14 13 0
First-class 228   39182 21350 956 8/17   22.33 3.26 40.9   63 14
List A 411   19811 15083 674 7/36 7/36 22.37 4.56 29.3 27 17 0
Twenty20 7 7 156 181 5 3/21 3/21 36.20 6.96 31.2 0 0 0


published in Dawn, Pakistan in 1996.