Shorash Kashmiri - Tributes Paid to Shorash Kashmiri
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Former President Muhammad Rafique Tarar paying glowing tribute to renowned journalist, orator, poet and political activist Agha Shorish Kashmir! (917-1975) at Hameed Nizami Press Institute of Pakistan (HNPIP) here on Saturday said that Pakistan need such great people to steer country out of the crises.

 "We attained Pakistan due to daring struggle of people like Agha Shorish," Tarar said, adding that Agha would live in the minds of people especially for his meritorious services for Tehrik-e-Khatam-e-Nabuwat.

Agha Mashhood Kashmiri, son of the fiery orator also addressed the special sitting held to pay tribute to his father. Senior journalists Ali Sufyan Aafaqi, Allama Ch. Ashgar Ali Kausar Warraich, Rafique Ghori, Hafiz Shafique-ur-Rehman and Kanwal Feroz also commemorated their days with versatile genius Agha Shorish Kashmiri. They were all voiced in praise of HNPIP and Editor-in-Chief The Nation Majid Nizami for arranging such sitting. He (Agha) was the suc¬cessor of Syed Atta Ullah Shah Bukhari in orato¬ry and student of Maulana Zafar Ali Khan in jour¬nalism, the speakers said. They added that Agha Shorish Kashmiri had learnt Islam from Syed Abul Aala Maudodi and prose from Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. He (Shorish) was among the few personalities who pushed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto's government in giving landmark declaration about Qadyanis as non-Muslims, the speakers said. They, however, admitted that Shorish had saluted Bhutto for his historic announcement regarding Qadyanis. 

Director HNPIP AbsarAbdul Ali introduced the speakers while the veteran personalities like Syed Ahmad Saeed Kirmani, admirers, followers of the Kashmiri attended the sitting. Rafique Tarar, however, expressed his concern of not having such leaders now as he added that being an atomic power 'we are still slave of America, World Bank and IMF" He remembered the days when the Quaid-e-Millat Liaquat Ali Khan warned India in case of any aggression. The former president said that 'now we have lack of courage and turned into slaves of every¬one except Almighty Allah.' Tarar, on the occasion quoting beautiful verses of Mualana Zafar Ali Khan and Agha Shorish, said that he (Tarar) had special attachment with Agha. He remembered the days and meeting with the versatile personality. He praised the role of HNPIP and thanked Majid Nizami for arrang¬ing the ceremony.

Mashhood Kashmiri revealed that the differences between his father and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto had emerged due to arranging a session of Air Marshall (r) Ashgar Khan by his father at Mochi Darwaza which was disliked by Bhutto. He said earlier Agha Shorish Kashmiri was the first who called Bhutto first time on occasion of death anniversary of late Hameed Nizami, he added. While being grateful of Majid Nizami for remembering his father, he also announced to arrange every death anniversary of his father in future.

Earlier, Allama Kausar said that journalists con¬tributed a lot in nation building. He said the jour¬nalist of the past were great who performed their duties wholeheartedly.Referring to a verse of great Arabic Poet Imru al-Qais, Hafiz Shafique said that it was not difficult for Almighty Allah to bestow a person with lot of abilities. He added that Allah gifted much talent to late Agha Shorish Kashmiri.

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