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Kazim Pasha is a man who choose to become a Televisions Producer for PTV.

He gave up a lucrative bank job where he  worked for six years where his colleagues are now serving in high posts.  But he does not regret having given up a money paying job for a less paying but creative one. Today at fifty two he enjoyed a lifestyle of action and suspense through the lens.

{/jb_quote}The creative best of minds run in the family. Fahmida Nasreen, his wife is also a producer and does musical and children programes. {/jb_quote}She is two years senior to him in the field. One of his three daughters are interested in producing and one is interested in acting.

In 1966 Pasha began with radio, taking part in a drama and later become a producer of plays. Kazim started television as a compare and then given a hit role in "Khuda ki Basti".

Assisting producers such as Qasim Jalali with their productions, he applied for a producer job itself. By then drama has become his passion.

"If I hadn't become a producer, I would have left the television altogether" he declared.

He joined Rawalpindi-Islamabad station which was then situated in an old building at Chaklala.

After training Kazim Pasha did his first serial including Munawar saeed and others. After that he produced few episode of "So yeh bhie hai Aadmi" which further cemented his careed a s a producer. During that time he worked with Qasim Jalali also.

Hoffman's famous film "Kramer vs Kramer" inspired him make the Pakistani version Maani. Khalida Riyast played the lead role and Kazim Pasha younger daughter played the role of child star. "Child Stars are outstanding in our country. I gave Saima Salahuddin a start in the field of acting and she has nurtured as a good actress."

After his spell of training for three years, he sent back to Karachi."In 1982, I did a serial called Emergency starring Shafi Mohammad and Bushra Ansari. After that, I went to Quetta and did Chaoon". This made him famous all over the country.

So what does a drama producer actually do? answers Pasha

"Before a play is accepted, it's concept is built. The writer and producer conceives it. That one pursues the other. Once the two are harmony, then all the steps are taken to make it concrete.

Some producers just take the script from the writer and go on with it. My style is that I keep in touch with the writer throughout the play."

He has three favourite writers: Hamid Kashmiri, Asad Mohammad and Zakia Akber. He will select the writer according to the theme or temperament of the writer. "During the play there are times when there is a difference of opinion on how a scene should be done. The final word is always the producer's."

"It is true that many times the sets of the scenes, the make up of the artists and even producers are not up to the standards. There are good and bed workers in every field and thats why our Television is suffering. But the biggest problem is the fact that there is a great dearth of good television play writers" says kazim Pasha.

Kazim Pasha
Kazim Pasha
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"The script of a play is like backbone of a body. If it is not good then no one can do anything to save the body. The prdouction can only be good if producer and writer is in harmony. The producer cannot possibly succeed without a good script.

Kazim Pasha has been inspired by many giants in the field of television among them are Yawar Hayat, Mohsin Ali, Qasim Jalali and he salutes Shehzad Khalil as he stands at the top.

"Though producer's work is very tensious, Shehzad Khalil had enjoyed his work and was great with lense. If someone were to tell him that a mountain had fallen out, he would have said " We will finish with it tomorrow" and he will succeed. He was a great and sober man."

by Shireen Najib


Source : Publish in The Dawn - March 1999