Chaudhry Ghulam Rasool - Legends of Hockey
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Chaudhry Ghulam Rasool was an integral part of the team which under Abdul Hamid Hamidi achieves great successes at the asides and the Olympics.

One with a rural background, Ghulam Rasool was a rugged right-half who took his job so seriously he would put every ounce of energy in his muscular body into the game. He was big-hearted and tough, and at the same times a master at work.


He combined pretty well with Hamidi and NoorAlam to make a powerful right trio.

He could block the left winger quite effectively and his left tackle was very tough. Chaudhry Ghulam Rasool had the same uncompromising attitude to his studies as he had towards his game. Having done his doctorate in agriculture from Knas University.

Which later bestowed the highest honor on him for life achievement, he rose to the pinnacle as an academician and a bureaucrat. For a spell, he was also principal of the Aitchison College as well as vice-chancellor of the famous Agriculture University, Faisalabad. Ghulam Rasool's success at the game inspired many in his family take to it and to and his son and a nephew, AkhtarRasool and Arshad Chudary, also made their mark at the international level with the former rising to great distinction.

Chaudhary Ghulam Rasool
Chaudhary Ghulam Rasool


Ghulam Rasool kept on contributing to hockey, and at his last breath were a selector and also senior vice-president of the PHF..