Mutiullah - Legends of Hockey
Written by PHF   

Mutiullah was the forerunner of two great wingers of the same family, his nephews the incomparable Samiullah and Kalimullah .

For both of them, Mutiullah must have been a considerable inspiration, not to mention a valued guide and mentor .There cannot be a greater tribute to mutiullah than that he was considered good enough to replace Latif ur Rehman, the all-India and Pakistan at the Olympics.

MUtiullah remained active for only half a dozen years at international level, retiring prior to the '66 Bangkok Games,

yet he won most of the honors up for grabs in those days, the Olympic and Asiad titles among them.

Mutiullah Played excellent hockey; he dragged the ball behind him, in strange run and hit style but he was extremely effective.



Trim and powerful legs carrying his body, he had a beautiful hit and a lovely cross. He tried to score himself whenever he got the ghost of a chance to put it into the net.