Kalimullah - Legends of Hockey
Written by PHF   

Kalimullah was one of those who came and straightaway went on to conquer.

It really was that simple for this powerful right-winger, as he made his impression from day one in the International hockey and never looked back.

Comparisons are odious, but the hockey public was sure to make them as Kalim had taken over from Islahuddin on the right-wing, and latter had been there for nearly a decade and just captained Pakistan to the World Cup title.

So Islah had a legend of his own, and the one replacing him , however talented and promising, would have found filling his shoes a bit difficult. Not Kalim, he made a niche for himself lost interest. Kalim really was one of the best right wingers that Pakistan has so far produced, with no one of his caliber having been found since he called it a day .For the initial part of his career, till big brother Sami remained active at international level , the two brothers were livewires and with them on the wings Pakistan notched many a famous victory.



Kalim called it quits within seven years of his debut, captaining Pakistan to a disastrous twin tournament loss. In the '86 Asiad at Seoul the Green shirts were reduced to silver and two weeks later succumbed to rock bottom in the 86 World Cup. Those twin disasters aside, Kalim served Pakistan famously enough to have left a stamp of his class. As a right-winger he had everything: long, beautiful strides, awesome speed, a wonderful cross and splendid scoring habits.

As a person, Kalim was a loner, a maverick who had his own moods. He was very patient and very cool.

Source: www.phf.com.pk