Hanif Khan - Legends of Hockey
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As a player Hanif Khan was of the kind who would never say die.

A great Trier, this inside left of enormous skill was an amazing player, the man of the moment for Pakistan whenever they were in a critical situation, somehow always obtaining a goal when nor else could.


One with a big heart, he refused to be bullied by the burly, hard tackling European defenders.

At the same time, he was one with a short fuse, and did not need any real temptation to blow his top. A character who simply refused to conform, he was an absolute night mare for the team managers and coaches. On the field or off it, rarely was he at his best behavior.

But a sheer delight in full flow on the field of play he more than compensated for the heartburn he had caused, especially in a tight encounter when a goal was difficult to come by. Maybe it was because of his size or whatever, howsoever crowded the defenses, he had the ability to penetrate it and make it count, sometimes in the twinkling of an eye With Manzoor Junior playing at right and Hanif at left and Hassan Sardar as spearhead, these three inside forwards between them had the ability to open windows in any defense, and with consummate ease.



A vital part of Pakistan’s second Grand Slam, in the early '80s, Hanif had to fade out in circumstance which was not all that glorious . Still he must have had the satisfaction to have won almost everything worth winning .

Like many other stalwarts, Hanif too was called upon to serve the national cause as coach but his stint was predictably rather brief lasting only a few months in 1993 when Khalid Mahmood was manager. After all, the most indiscipline of players during his own career, he could hardly have been expected to correct this failing in others. However , almost seven years later he has got another opportunity when he was handed the coaching assignment up to the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

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