Hassan Sardar - Legends of Hockey
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In his prime, he was compared with the inimitable Dhyan Chand. And indeed there can be no higher praise, for Dyan Chand was to hockey what Don Bradman was to cricket .

That such a flattering comparison was universally acknowledged as being an apt one, especially by the purist Indian connoisseurs, is a befitting tribute to Hassan Sardar's scintillating artistry and genius.



Hailed as the most accomplished player of his age, Hassan's stint as Pakistan’s spearhead was rather brief, lasting a mere half a dozen years. It nevertheless remains Pakistan’s most flam boy ant and memorable era, with one success following another .And Hassan had a big hand in all those triumphs; he was the Man of the Tournament at the gold winning campaigns in the '82 world cup, the '84 Olympics and the '82 Asiad.

Famous for his delightful dribbing and a defense-shattering body dodge,Hassan's class and caliber cannot be measured simply by the number of goals he scored, though he put away as many as 180 in a career which lasted a mere half a dozen years.

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More importantly, he never let the team down, never failing to make an opportunistic conversion or two when it was most needed.

On his day, he was simply unstoppable, leaving the best of defenses in tatters and the spectators awe struck by the glorious sight of Hassan bent on his stick, weaving his way round the seemingly leaden-footed defenders with such uncanny control. That really was a sight to remember and cherish.

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