Manzoor Junior - Legends of Hockey
Written by PHF   

A streetwise artist, Manzoor Junior happens to be the last of the great inside right Pakistan has fielded.

 And for someone who has won every honor in the world, every medal that was ever minted, including the '79 junior world cup gold, it was appropriate that he retired after a rather longish 16- year gap at Los Angeles.


Manzoor Junior was one of Pakistan’s highly skilled players.

A man of few words, he knew his game inside out and once he was appointed skipper in 1984, he showed that he was every bit worth the honor, by leading from the front, particularly demonstrating an excellent game in the final, which was extended to the extra time.

Originally an inside-left, Atif moved him to inside-right as the team needed him there. And such was the all-round compass of his skills that he adopted in no time to truly become a legend, the second great after Shahnaz to have come from Sialkot.



During his career, Manzoor played some great gamed for Pakistan, displaying some excellent hockey in Pakistan’s victory in the Esanda world Championship in 1979., following it up with consistently marvelous showing in the '82 world cup at Bombay. And, of course, despite his age-never minds his playing the junior world cup only five years ago-he was in sublime form in Los Angeles, where he was the main playmaker.

Good control, beautiful body dodges and lovely combination with winger Kalimullah and half-back Rashidul Hassan and then getting the ball inside with Hanif at left as well were the hallmarks of this gentle player who was a giant in his own right .