Abdul Hamid Hamidi - Legends of Hockey
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The youngest to make a debut for Pakistan in the 48-Games at London, ended up representing Pakistan in four Olympiads, earning medal in two of them.

 More importantly, he was to Pakistan hockey what Abdul Hafeez Kardar was to cricket, the respected and feared skipper.


Hamidi was the first Pakistan Captain who rallied the team around him to not only win the country's first medal, a silver at the 56- Olympiad at Melbourne, but was the also destined to be the first to win gold and glory at the 58- Asiad and the 60 Olympics.

These two initial major triumphs of Pakistan heralded the arrival of world power in the game.
Abdul Hamid Hamidi
Abdul Hamid Hamidi


Hamidi was part of the 48 and 52 failures as well, ad was a man who was all fired up but unable to change the situation he must have felt exasperated.

Once the power-that is made him the skipper in 1954, he decided that discipline and hard work were the cornerstones on which he was going to build the edifice of a wining squad. With an army background, Hamidi was not known to brook any non-sense and demanded more than hundred percent from everyone. He was the one who made the work ethic mandatory and without exception.

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