Naseer Bunda - Legends of Hockey
Written by PHF   

Posterity would always remember Naseer Bunda for scoring the golden goal which for the first time brought Pakistan Olympian glory at Rome.



That goal came in a flash, but Bunda was anything but a one-time sensation.

Nimble on his feet, Bunda was fast as lighting and a player of extraordinary class.

Bunda, his contemporaries say, played his hockey the only way he knew: fast forward. Travelling speed, he, at the same time had great control. A rare combination and a lethal one too. Bunda was said to be a real hard nut to crack. All-out attack was his method, and no defense was good enough to contain him, much less scare him - in those days defenders used terror as a tactic to keep crafty forwards at bay. 

Naseer Bunda
Naseer Bunda


The effect on the opposition was devastating. Imagine an inside forward's penetration who is going fast as a bolt and then stops and turns on his heels to send measured pass of finding half a chance tries putting it away beyond the keeper. He was outstanding not only as playmaker at inside-left but at many position centre-forward, even at centre-half and left-half. Making his debut in 1954 at home against the Germans, he scored twice at Lahore and never looked back.