Munir Dar - Legends of Hockey
Written by PHF   

Munir Dar, the stylish defender. Munir Dar was a great player, one of those rare commodities who are spectacular in defence.

Being handsome was not his only forte; technically too he was a very solid player. And as great a team man as they come. On the field he was an asset, but that did not diminish his value off it, for he possessed a splendidly cheerful temperament, keeping the team's spirits high whatever the circumstances.


Munir Dar was a high caliber full-back, in the classic mould, and he had tremendous speed too.

Always oozing with confidence, he at times was wont to tempt fate. Such as his forecast as a teenager that he was going to represent Pakistan in the' 56.

Olympic Games nearly four years ahead of the event. Perhaps he has an uncanny knack of living up to his promises. Well after his retirement as a DIG in the police, Munir Dar maintains his sunny disposition to this day, always quick to crack a joke and share in a laugh. It is a point of conjecture whether it was his distaste for hockey politics or his love for the race horses which has kept him away from coming back to share his knowledge and wisdom of the game.


However, Munir has one huge distinction, his family has a member in all three squads which have won an Olympic gold for Pakistan: Munir himself in '60 at Rome, younger brother Tanvir Dar in '68 at Mexico and son Tauqir Dar in '84 at Los Angeles. Some distinction!