Akhtar Rasool - Legends of Hockey
Written by PHF   

Many star players of the world would give their right arm for World Cup gold, which is a dream for all. Well, Akhtar has three in his trophy cabinet.

Akhtar retired in a blaze of glory, as skipper of the side which won the gold in the 82's Bombay World Cup.

By then he had the singular distinction of being the only player to have played in four World Cups -- a record which may well remain unbroken for the first three World Cups were held every two years.


A very gutsy player, he played excellent hockey at centre-half and set such a standard that a decade and half after his calling it a day, Pakistan has yet to find one of matching quality. As captain he led by example, working harder than anybody else in the 82's World Cup. In the final of that World Cup, noted a celebrated scribe, "such was Akhtar's control that he seemed to be on a morning's walk". That relaxed approach, and also control and poise were the hallmarks of Akhtar's excellence in a highly demanding position.


Not long after hanging his boots, Akhtar entered politics, being elected a member of the Punjab Assembly times and because his party was in powered he also managed to become the president of the PHF - the first hockey player to be elevated to that high office. Despite remaining there for two and half hours, Akhtar however failed to achieve anything worthwhile. 

Source: www.phf.com.pk