Mansoor Ahmed - Legends of Hockey
Written by PHF   

Mansoor was the mainstay of the team under the bar for nearly a dozen years.

 On his day he simply could not be beaten, and that was why the team depended on him such a great deal beginning from the late 80's to the mid 90's.


A veteran of three Olympic and as many World Cups, Asiads and Asia Cups, Mansoor was an exceptionally good blocker and quite solid in the goal in spite of , or perhaps due to his shortest statures.

Before the 94 World Cup he was under the tremendous pressure and to the chagrin of the team he had flunked in three successive tournaments - the NCM Trophy, the Azlan Shah Cup and the Asian Games. In the last two, Pakistan had lost its bid for top position in the shoot-out. But Mansoor came back famously in the World Cup at Sydney, helping the side to a memorable triumph by defending well in the shoot-out in two back-to-back encounters, in the semis against Germany and in the final against Holland.



By the 96 Olympics his best seemed to be way behind him, and his bad patch continued for far too long, he was finally sacked, his attempt to stage a comeback for the 98 World Cup proving futile.