Shahid Ali Khan - Legends of Hockey
Written by PHF   

Shahid Ali Khan was a highly daring, acrobatic goalkeeper. Another feature in his early years was that he was completely without nerves.

He was one of those prodigies who blossom young and he was still his teens when he walked into the Pakistan team as an understudy of Mionuddin.



Now Moin was a great by any yardstick and later he developed a swift body-slide to counter European hitters of the plenty, but in that World Cup he was proving to be a sitting duck. The quip regarding the Pakistani 'keeper' take a short corner, hit it into his pads and you have the goal. It happened to be really that easy.



He never looked back, and promptly completed the Grand Slam with the Pakistan team, playing an exceptional game against India in the '82 Asian Games final, which resulted in a 7-1 victory for the Green shirts.

Despite being in his mid thirties, four years after his retirement, playing for PIA in National Championship, he saved as many as half a dozen certain goals. He was that goof most of the time, but occasionally he lost concentration. In those times, he gave away many a cheap goal. On occasions he also gave the impression of being very casual and that did not go down well with the authorities.