Rashidul Hasan - Legends of Hockey
Written by PHF   

Rashidul Hasan was one of the most pleasant of the Pakistani players of his era. A team man to the core, he had the singular distinction of never letting the side down.



Only one of the two, the other being Manzoor Junior, to have won every title during the span of their careers, from the Junior World Cup gold right up to the ultimate honor in the right side, as the right trio was of overwhelming significance in Pakistan’s attack.

In fact, with Rashid providing the back, Kalim in the wing and Manzoor at inside, Pakistan’s right side was never short of ideas or thrust, a model in efficiency.

In the crucial initial part of his career, Rashid may have benefitted with a defender of elder brother Manzoor's caliber, such a tower of strength for any team, playing at his back and that must have helped him blossom into one of the best half-backs of hid era.



Like saeed Anwar before him, Rashid intrinsic value in attack cannot be overstated, as he played with his wing rather effectively and at most times was the sixth forward for he was not shy of moving right up to the goal mouth if he found space. At the same time, he was solid in defense and a hard-tackler

Source: www.phf.com.pk